What to Expect When You're Not Expecting

By: Abby DivDate: June 25, 2019

There are so many variables that are a part of booking a model and planning a shoot. Time, day, location and other logistics all have to align so that even the most minimalist shoot can happen. If you're including hair, makeup artists and stylists the complexity only increases exponentially to the challenge of coordinating a shoot.

Unexpected Guests

Shoots can be elaborate multi-person endeavors including the skill sets of many different artists. Planning these productions typically requires the input of those involved so that skill sets and aesthetics are paired and will produce the best quality imagery. Connecting the model with the makeup artist or hair stylist to communicate about stying or photographer with production assistants streamlines the process.

The key to all this coordination is communication. By the complexity of the execution everyone has to be in conversation. Some times this can break down, or rather, never be established if the shoot is smaller. One-on-one shoots for example by necessity are not elaborate multi-day productions. They tend to be intimate closed sets where two artists are collaborating with one another. Bringing anyone (however reliable and professional) to a set unannounced is not going to win any accolades or trust from the opposite party.

Unexpected Environments

There's an environment for everyone but not everyone is fit for every environment. Simply stated, a model may adore shooting in the out-of-doors while another is purely a studio model. It's a reflection of personal preferences and comfort with the spaces they're used to working.

Similar to adding unexpected concepts last minute to a shoot proposing unspoken environments without notice is a big no-no. If you've decided on a studio shoot and it's not available have a Plan B for another space that you can book. Or if it's an outdoors shoot overlooking a beautiful landscape have a indoor space reserved in the case it rains on the day of the shoot.

Unexpected Concepts

Before the process of negotiating location, compensation and logistics a conversation about shoot concepts should be at the top of the list for discussion. Creating a list of genres of work as a model you do reduces the ambiguity for concepts that will not only be proposed, but also given without notice on the day of the shoot. Being clear and firm about about this causes less confusion on both sides and will establish guidelines for potential ideas. As an artist we want to let creativity thrive on terms that work for everyone.