Raw City Tours

Ever wonder how photographers capture breathtaking figures in NYC? Ever think you could too?

Join New York-native Abby on a customized journey through the urban jungle to explore the world of street photography and the female form. Learn how to take portrait to full-length shots in iconic locations across Manhattan, leaving with a new view of NYC.

*Packages include the entire tour rate, transportation during the tour, and breakfast. Please inquire If you need to rent additional equipment or have special requests for transportation.


Two-hour tour: 500*

Three-hour tour: 650*

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Midtown (2 or 3 hours)

We will explore the iconic architecture and design of midtown Manhattan. On this two or three hour tour we will start on the Park Avenue and travel to historic locations such as Grand Central, the Chrysler Building, and Bryant park. Tour ends with diner breakfast.

Downtown (3 hours)

We will explore diverse locations in Manhattan's downtown, experiencing the culture and street art of Soho, Chinatown, and the East Village. This tour is great for lovers of street art interspersed with iconic neighborhoods and bars that make up NYC nightlife. Tour ends with diner breakfast.

Financial District (2 or 3 hours)

We will explore the winding streets of Manhattan's financial district, experiencing the historic center of commerce in NYC. You will see the iconic features including the Trade Center, Wall Street, and Battery Park. You will get a view of centuries old cobblestone and architecture. Tour ends with diner breakfast.


What do I need to bring?

Wear comfortable clothing and a good pair of walking shoes. We will be walking the streets of NYC and covering a healthy distance by foot so good footwear is important. Along with your camera we suggest bringing a backup battery, lens, and formatted memory card. Keep your bag light with only the equipment you need for street shooting. It will save time and make you more mobile. And remember to charge your batteries the night before the tour.

What is the best time to shoot street photography?

The streets of New York City are known to be full of activity. Tours are lead in the early morning starting at 5am to take advantage of natural, available light and when there is more space on the streets to shoot.

How will we get around?

Tours are on foot and by car so that you will be able to experience the sights and sounds of the city. Based on the tour route and season there will be cab service between locations included in each route package.

What if the weather is inclement?

Tours are based on the weather. Every tour booking will have a rain date when you schedule your tour. If the weather is inclement on both dates we will provide a full refund for the tour.

Is it alright to be unclothed in NYC?

Yep it is! By Penal Code ยง 245.02 nudity for the purpose of performance is legal in the state of New York. So let's get shooting.

Tour Policy

To book a tour, payment in full is required through PayPal at the time of scheduling. Cancellations or changes after booking have to be made within 24 hour notice. Notice made after 24-hours is non-refundable.

Tours begin promptly at 5am on the scheduled tour date. Arrival more than 30 minutes after scheduled time will result in cancellation of the tour for that day.