The Must-Have Routine to Be Shoot Ready

By: Abby DivDate: Aug. 1, 2019

The expectation for care and well-being is relatively high when you compare modeling to other industries. There is the expectation when you arrive in an office to be wearing the appropriate clothing and apparel or work site to have the correct headwear and steel toed boot. But there is far more behind-the-scenes maintenance that goes into the appearance of anyone stepping in front of a camera. It’s that effort that distinguishes the layman from the professional.


One of the essential elements of looking the part is keeping hair healthy and moisturized. With the level to travel that the average model, agency or independent alike, does on a yearly basis introduces a variable amount of humidity, temperature fluctuations and weather conditions. This can wreak havoc on the balance of scalp and follicles. Use a deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and stay away from products with alcohol or other drying agents that are known to aggravate. When possible use products with natural ingredients like coconut, shea or argan oil to tame those nasty flyaways!

Nail care

Nail-ready digits are a must have to a polished final image. There may be nothing more jarring than a perfect complexion and toned body than un-sculpted nails. They may be a very small number of pixels in a shot but when they’re noticed it will change the perception of your overall image. Have a manicure and pedicure before whole traveling nails shine. Bring the polish and a file with you for any periodic touch ups or repainting as nails chip over time. Keep your cuticles and hands moisturized as the frequent changes in altitude and weather will more dramatically effect health of that fragile skin.


It’s all in the face...and an investment it is to keeping it looking as flawless as the cosmetic ads. We’re bombarded with commercials elevating youth culture and ageless perfection. For women, in particular, the target is to take back time and with that lines, wrinkles, spotting as the list goes on and on. As a model the ideal is also to capture the brilliance of youth and untouched skin. Having a good, consistent skincare regime is essential to regulating your skin. A five-step program using cleanser, scrub, toner, moisturizer and serum routinely will create a base so that when applying makeup the skin a clean palate for the work. And your makeup artist will thank you for it.


What goes on your body will go into your body. It’s a basic principle but has a tendency of being of lesser concern. Your skin will absorb the topical products you use on it. So when choosing the tutti-frutti watermelon melon body lotion consider the chemicals being used to achieve that not so natural scent. Now It’s nearly impossible unless you are living in a plastic bubble to avoid contaminants in every day life but there can be a conscious effort to not put them on yourself. Choose body care products that reduce the injection of those twenty-odd named chemicals made in a laboratory and look when all else fails for the fewest ingredients possible, ideally those with names you can not only pronounce but know their source.