Five Exercises You Can Do Anywhere on Tour

By: Abby DivDate: Aug. 15, 2019

Staying fit and healthy while traveling can be a challenge when there are so many wonderful, delicious temptations on the road. The calories from the BBQ pit in Memphis and pulled pork sandwiches of North Carolina quickly add up not to mention a few inches on the waistline. Discovering delicious new treats is exciting, especially one that you cannot find anywhere else. Balance though is the key to enjoying new experiences while also keeping healthy habits. In a pinch to squeeze in a quick workout these five conditioning exercises can be done anywhere on tour.

Leg lifts

This is a favorite exercises while on the road. It does not require a lot of space and does a targeted glute exercise from those hours sitting while traveling. At most you'll need a mat or soft surface to lay so that it does not become uncomfortable. The key to received the benefits is to engage your core, maintaining the space between your abdominal area and the surface while lifting your leg. Variations include side lifts, laying on your back, or laying on your stomach.


This is one of the most effective exercises to maximize results while minimizing time. Again it does not take a lot of space (evening less than leg lifts) and is a good targeted exercise for the glutes and quads. For those with problematic knees this one may not be best choice as if done incorrectly will put additional strain on the joints. Squatting so that your knees stay parallel with you ankles is a great targeted exercise.

Push ups

To balance the leg conditioning, do push ups for a complimentary upper body exercise. It can be also a cardio workout depending on how fast they are performed. One of the many benefits is that it requires no equipment, just enough floor space so your body is in a plank position. There are also so many variations that you can do to target different muscle groups: wide arm. one arm, or yoga push ups as a few examples.


Planks are the second cousin to push ups without the arm movement. They are great core and abdominal workout and require very little equipment. Having a mat or towel under your forearms and elbows if you're doing them on a hard surface will reduce the additional pressure of your body weight on your arms. They also have many variations to target different muscles: straight arm, one arm, one leg (if you're feeling adventurous), or bent arm with pivoting hips.


This last one is not for the untrained or those in very confined areas to train. You'll need to have at least a body width of space in front of wall or solid surface you're using and to be safe a few feet on either side. But if you have the room to do them, they are a great full body exercise. They target areas in your back, arms, core, and legs. There are also variations for working without a wall, like forearm handstands or crow pose.


Maintaining a routine can be an effort of its own while on a long trip. A local gym may not be accessible, space may be limited, or time may be short to fit in the complete regime. Having a few basic, effective exercises to supplement the workout will not only keep muscles toned, but you conscious of the not-so-everyday habits. Consistency will make all the difference. And that way you can also enjoy the culinary delights while traveling.