Five Tips to Shooting a Nude

By: Abby DivDate: April 21, 2019

The more you do it the easier it gets…

Being a traveling model means that nudity comes as part of the job. You can call it figure art, form studies, fine art, or any other number of terms but the fact is you’re naked. And that can be for a painter, drawer, or photographer.

If you want to shoot nudes, just say it!

There’s no need to be timid or shy about the request to shoot a nude. The body is a beautiful thing. If you want to shoot a nude, just say so.

No need to bring clothing if I don’t need them

On the top of the list of things that irk is bringing a suitcase of wardrobe and finding I don’t need any of it. If I know we’re shooting nudes I can bring the most important thing, myself (also refer to tip #1).

Keep the conversation casual (not crass)

I’m very comfortable with the body and shooting it in various states of undress. I’m also very comfortable with other people seeing me naked and appreciating my body. There’s a line that can very quickly be crossed from cute and playful to crass and disrespectful. As a general rule follow the leader in what is inbounds.

Keep on your clothes

There’s a meme circling the internet about photographer’s shooting in their birthday suits. You can be a self proclaimed nudist or very simply very comfortable in your own skin. That doesn’t mean I want to see it or what else you have to offer. Can you imagine how distracting it would be. I’d totally not be looking at the camera.

No sneak peeks

Limits are not a bad thing. If we haven’t spoken about it as part of the style being shot, trying to get a little extra for a little less doesn’t make you crafty, it makes you creepy. Don’t do it!