Five Things To Consider When Choosing Cities to Tour

By: Abby DivDate: April 5, 2019


Life on the round means many stops between bus, trains, planes and the occasional automobile. As a New Yorker, there’s rarely been a time when I’ve needed a car in the city and generally choose not to have one. Planning trips for me means looking at the myriad of transit maps that connect the greater continental USA. If it wasn’t for the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s I simply couldn’t do what I do today.


When planning a tour the second thing I consider is community. If there’s no one shooting, painting, drawing or creating there’s not going to be work to be found. Aesthetics are regional so if you’re not a bikini model booking work in Texas or a fine art nude model when booking work in Maine you may have trouble finding clients who want to hire you. That said there’s a style for every taste, it’s finding the community that fits it.


The term hosting is an ambiguous term for the layman not experienced with the world of the traveling model. For anyone on the road it means accommodations within the creative photography and modeling community for models (i.e. in short terms place to stay). This helps us models reduce the cost of travel and also the opportunity to meet other creatives in the area.

4. Weather

Mother nature doesn’t always like to play nicely when planning a trip. My tours are planned months in advance knowing key seasons (like monsoons in the southwest or frigid winter in the central northeast) and avoiding them much like the plague. The unexpected does happen and some times the best planned tours have to take small detours ;)


This last one is probably the most important and often the least considered when booking a tour. It may seem obvious but the further from home you go the more it will cost. Ergo the more work you have to schedule in order to not only cover the cost but also (and hopefully always) be profitable.